The life of a carnivore

We are a family of meat eaters. Poultry, chicken, beef, we eat them all.

One of the things I did a while back that I may do again was buy a bulk package at the butcher. Most butchers have them and you can really save if you can figure out how to store it. We bought the smallest package they had – bone-in chicken breast, hamburger patties, and steaks. These are things we eat a lot of, and it worked out to around $2 a pound in the end. That’s nothing to sneeze at for delmonico steaks and chicken. It wasn’t cheap to buy, it took up half my food budget, but we bought it six months ago and are just now finishing the steaks. The rest we finished only a couple of months ago.

Getting all that meat at once made freezer cooking a viable option. I had the most expensive bit already, the rest was just veggies and sauces. Freezer cooking is great because you assemble the meat, veg, and sauce, throw it in a bag, and freeze it. You take it out a night or two before you mean to cook it (meal planning!) and it’s ready to go into the pan or pot. It marinades while thawing so there’s no worrying about that. Mostly it’s just put it in the heat and let it go. It was great because I found about four or five recipes that I liked and made three or four servings of them. Assembly line style, it only takes an afternoon, and you get a couple of months of meals out of the bulk buy at least. Fill in with pasta with homemade sauce, homemade pizza (recipe to follow – way easier than you think), or whatever you have on hand, and you have meals for at least a couple of months.

Life would be considerably cheaper if we were vegetarians, but, as carnivores, the package deal from the butcher was totally worth it. I still bought things like ribs and pork chops to give us some more variety but I always had a dinner on hand. Next time I may go for a larger package deal, with more variety, and maybe get it even cheaper per pound. I’m going to have to use up some of what I have stored in the little freezer, but that will give me time to save up some money. I need to look and see what they have…

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