As a former spendthrift and child of my generation (Gen X), patience does not come naturally to me. I want what I want and I want it now.

Learning to be green and thrifty has taught me that time solves most issues.It’s a learning proces but I’m working on it. Hanging clothes for instance, it takes time for them to dry but it makes it easier to do laundry in the end. Cleaning the bathtub, too. In using my paste of dish soap and baking soda, scrubbing it on and leaving it to do its work for an hour, I got results that blew the commercial cleaners out of the water (so to speak).

The latest triumph of time came when I thought I’d ruined my crock pot. I made beef stew and left it cooking too long. It was mushy and burnt to the sides of the pot. As crusted as it was, I thought the pot was done for. I decided on a Hail Mary, to use football speak, and filled it with hot water and dish soap before we went on an overnight trip. I didn’t get to it when I got home last night, but instead checked it this morning. Lo and behold, using a spoon, I was able to scrape all of the burnt and  rusted bits off quite easily. Once the crock pot gets officially cleaned with the other dishes, it’ll be good as new. Yay for giving things time to do their work!

I’m still impatient when shopping though. I tend to buy things at the thrift stores regardless of sales. There are plenty of 50% off days but I haven’t heeded them. However, waiting for sales can save big money. I happened to hit a 50% off everything day and, I think I mentioned this before, got my older son’s entire winter wardrobe for around $36. My local Salvation Army thrift store is right near my kids’ school so I can drop them off and get to the store just as it opens on sale day. I’m going to have to find out the sale schedule. Goodwill does it, too.

Patience seems to be a skill that I need to cultivate. I have it with the kids (usually) but it hasn’t carried over naturally into other parts of my life. If I were willing to wait, I’d be able to be even thriftier.

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    Hey I’ve just read this and it seems you like to find clothes at bargain prices. I do this every week, have a look at my post on how to shop high street brands for less. It’s called bay trend: top ten expert tips. Hope that helps x

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