So now what?

You’ve adjusted your thermostat a few degrees and are now wearing sweaters around the house. You’re hanging your laundry, that’s been washed in homemade detergent, and you’re amazed at how easy it is to keep up when it’s only a load a day. You’ve got enough glycerine soap to last for months, in all your favorite scents. Your “new” clothes and books are coming from thrift stores and used bookstores (by the way, thrift stores sell books for less than most used bookstores. It’s always worth a look). You’re meal planning and using what’s on sale. You’re sending all of your spare money to your lowest bill. Now what?

Me, I’m planning the garden I want to start in the Spring. I’ve started a compost heap to, hopefully, give me something to work with.

School’s about to start again and I’m going to be interested to see how much of this I can keep up when I’m in the middle of graduate and undergraduate classes and all the attendant homework. I think I should be OK since I have a good start on everything. I’ve gotten into a routine with quite a lot of it. Early mornings before the kids wake up are laundry time. Weekends are meal planning and deep cleaning. Weekdays are general straightening and spot cleaning if somewhere needs it (*ahem* the kid’s room).

Dinners are going to be interesting since I’m not going to be home until late a couple of days a week. They’ll be at the in-laws one night but for the other, I’m going to have to make sure to leave something in the crock pot or be ready to hear that they had pasta or delivery pizza. (My husband is not the family cook except for weekend breakfasts. Isn’t that every dad’s specialty?) But, I can budget for that and not be surprised when it happens. I’ll still be in the black, making homemade meals the other nights.

I love experimenting with new ways of doing things and, so far, besides a few false starts and a couple of failed recipes, this is going pretty well. I’m going to be making bread soon to see if it can compare to the store-bought stuff. It freezes well so I can do baking anytime. We got a bread maker a long time ago and, until now, it’s just been gathering dust. Like I said, lazy.

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