My thrifty home, a couple of pictures


These are my clotheslines and garment rack. Free of clothes so you can see that I have just criss-crossed the room all willy-nilly. I can hang two loads at a time if I need to between the lines and the rack. I try to keep it at one so that I feel able to fold it all in just a few minutes.


This is my personal hygene shelf. On it I have deodorant for my husband and me, toothpaste for adults and kids, toothbrushes for all of us, floss, shaving cream, and shampoo for all of us. All bought on sale. I have been able to stop buying these things and won’t have to again for several months. In the meantime I can figure out how often these things go on sale and figure out what the stock up prices are.


I have a stand alone pantry as well in the corner of my kitchen. It’s a mess right now but it has all of my stocked up food and my small specialty appliances (the food processor, dehydrator, blender, that sort of thing…). Right now it’s got about 8 large cans of coffee because Costco was having a stock up sale with a limit of 5 and I found a deep discount on our brand at Target combining coupons and Cartwheel (Target’s secret discount app. You can access it on the computer before you go to the store and print out the savings bar code). It has several boxes of cereal, soda to last months and more. The K cups were a splurge. I found them on sale around Christmas and bought a couple of boxes. I got a couple more as a gift. But, the first thing I did when I bought the Keurig was buy the reusable filter that allows you to use your own coffee. It cuts down on waste since I only brew what I’m going to drink. I won’t buy K cups again though, there’s too much packaging waste and they’re too expensive.

Much of this stuff was bought on sale but for some of it I paid full price. I had the idea, just not the proper process for it. Now I know better. I’m keeping up with my price book and keeping an eye out for sales. I have some odd things – a year’s supply of barbecue sauce because I found it for under a dollar a bottle. It won’t go bad for quite a while, and I can use it for barbecue chicken in the crock pot as well as ribs and the like. The industrial size baking soda is for cleaning as well as baking. Sadly, in my spendthrift days, I bought the big box of individual cups of apple sauce. Of course, after that, my kids stopped eating them. So now I keep them on hand to add to my fruit strips when I make them in the dehydrator. Now I would buy the large jar (on sale if possible) and portion it out into reusable cups. Same stuff, less packaging, and much cheaper.

I have already shared pictures of my two measly jars of jam. I’ll post again when I make it for this year. I think I’m going to have to make more this year, we only have the two jars left and several months to go before strawberry harvest time. Better to have too much than not enough, we’ll use it.

So now you’ve seen my messy, but still organized in a way that makes sense to me, stash. I don’t aspire to be one of those people you see in TV, a prepper or a coupon queen, but I want to be able to put together meals from what I have on hand. I want to take advantage of sales and have enough of the things we use so that we rarely have to pay full price for ingredients. I have yet to figure out a way to save money on fruits and vegetables since my family likes what they like, regardless of season. We’ll see what I can think of. It may be as simple as training my family to eat seasonally if I can.

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