So what is in it for us?

Maybe this should have come first. Why be green and thrifty and how can you be both at once?


Well, we know that climate change is real. We know that it is at least partially speeded up by the actions of humans. We know that we have a trash problem in this country, we’re being buried under it and it’s contaminating the ground and water. We know that burning fossil fuels is not the most efficient, nor is it the ideal power source.


So, knowing all this, what’s the point in one little person being green when governments and corporations are not? I operate on the “every little bit helps” principle. If I can reduce the amount of trash I dump into landfills, and you do as well, that’s a little less trash. If thousands of people do it, we make a difference. If millions of people recycle and buy recycled products, we’re cutting down on the amount of trash that ends up in landfills and the contamination that it can bring. Now, I am not an activist by any means. As you will find out, I’m much too lazy and introverted for that sort of thing. But, I do believe that my boys have a right to live on a planet that’s alive and functioning properly.


Not only is it environmentally friendly to turn out the lights when they’re not being used, or hang your laundry, or use homemade cleaners, it’s MUCH easier on your pocketbook. For the amount that you’d spend on one bottle of commercial cleaner, you can buy enough ingredients to make at least a gallon of natural cleaner. That’s what’s  in it for you. More money in your pocket to do things that matter to you.


Buying organic food is not cheaper than buying “normal” food. It’s generally pretty expensive actually. But, because I cut costs in other areas, I can afford to buy local and organic. It’s healthier for my family (no pesticides or hormones), and better for the environment. Growing some of my food myself – which I’m going to try come Spring – is even better.


This stuff isn’t difficult and, even if it seems intimidating to make your own laundry soap, it takes about 10 minutes and is easy as pie. I wouldn’t do it otherwise. I’m not Martha Stewart with her unrealistic, hour and a half long, 50 ingredient dinners. I’m a wife, mom. and student, I don’t have unlimited time. I will only do something if it’s easy and will save me money. I don’t do things just for the sake of doing them generally. After all, I want to know what’s in it for me, too.

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